Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Plan for April

I'm not going to do an hours goal for this month. Instead, I'm doing week-by-week goals.

For the first week of April, my goal is to finish this version of the opening scene: complete the draft, revise, and post to the AW forums for comments. I'll need to see what the comments are before I figure out the next step. I may wind up having to do yet another version if this one still doesn't work.

At least I feel like I'm making some solid progress with it now. I spent most of last week shaping the existing dialogue to fit the new sequence of events, and then changing my mind about the sequence of events. The end of the scene is complete, as are chunks of the middle, but I was banging my head against the wall trying to write a new beginning. I really liked the first line I had, but it didn't work with the revised action of the scene.

And then yesterday I figured out that with a tweak it could still work, and three hours of writing later I have the opening 1,000 words that connect to the first completed chunk almost done. This has been a slog, man. My brain had decided the book was finished, so making up new stuff for it has not been easy.

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