Friday, April 7, 2017

Mender is Done

I know I have a lot of posts titled "Done" for various stages of done-ness for different books. Here's another.

I'm done.

I've fiddled with the opening to the point that if I change anything else it will be just changing things for the sake of changing them.

I have spellchecked one last effin' time.

I have typed THE END on the last page.

Mender is 106,000 words. It took me ~4 months of on-and-off storybuilding spread out over a year, plus 13 straight months of drafting.

And this is an important first for me: from the moment I first typed "Chapter One" back in early March 2016 until today, I have never stopped working on it. This is the first time I've worked so consistently on a book, taking no unscheduled breaks until it is finished.

I can write a book in a year. I did write a book in a year! I'm astounded.

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