Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Catchy Titles Apply to This Post

I accomplished everything I wanted to yesterday. I just checked my post on AW, and it has only two replies. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though: in my experience, when a request for feedback gets very little response it generally means either the thing is so terrible people don't know where to start, or good enough that people don't want to nitpick. Based on the feedback I did get, I think it's the latter.

My goals for today:

1) Read the feedback and take notes, which I've done.

2) Work on the scene for one hour. I only have two tweaks to make based on the feedback, so after that I'll be doing exercises to try and sharpen the writing.

3) If I have time, work on the synopsis a little. I only have one line in there that I think is confusing and needs clarification. I'm also trying to decide whether to add in a subplot. I have about a quarter of a page to work with to keep the synopsis to 2 pages, so I'll see if I can sum up the subplot in that amount of space, and without introducing a whole bunch more characters. If I can, I'll sprinkle those lines in. If not, I won't add the subplot.

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