Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Goal Check

Sigh. Well, I'm already behind on my June goals.

But I'm still proud of myself.

On Sunday, I went for a hike with The Husband and The Son. It was only our second hike of the season, and pretty tame-- only an hour, and over not-terribly-challenging terrain. But on the way home, I was wrecked. Like, so exhausted I could barely drag myself up to the house. My internal monologue was all: "Damn, I knew I was out of shape, but come on. I should be able to handle a walk in the woods! God, I'm old." I crashed and took a nap.... and woke up shaking, aching, and miserable with a 102 fever.

Yeah. Probably didn't pick the best day for a hike.

Thus followed four more days of fever, muscle aches, sinus headache, wet hacking cough, and difficulty breathing, plus crappy sleep due to all of the above, and the resulting bone-crushing exhaustion.

I went to the Doctor on Wednesday because I thought I must have bronchitis, only to be told it's a virus and I just have to wait it out. He did give me an inhaler, though. I'm slowly getting better, but reeeeaaaalllly slowly. Like, instead of being at 2% capacity I'm at 13%.

However, I wrote 4,000 words this week. That's 1,250 less than I should have, but really I'm so impressed with myself for getting that much done. I tried to work on it every day and just write as many words as I could, even if I couldn't do the full 750. Last night I took a deep breath and calculated how far behind I am-- and was pleasantly surprised. 1,250 words is not that bad. I have a long writing day on Monday-- I should be able to make up at least half of it. The perseverance fairies did not visit me in my cradle and shower me with their blessings when I was a wee one, and yet I muddled through this week and came out not too badly fucked. So I'm going to hold my head high and report:

After one week, 4,000/22.500 for June.

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