Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Down to Business

Okay, enough of these airy-fairy posts about book birthdays and redheaded protagonists whispering in your ear in the dead of night. How's the work going?

In terms of word count, it's going well: I'm 8,000 words into part 3, and while I have a day's worth of words to make up by midnight Saturday, dog willing and the creek don't rise I should make my June goal of 22,500.

However. The Son is not in camp right now, I'm sick AGAIN (or more likely, relapsing), and writing time has been harder to come by than I anticipated. I have gotten beyond the scenes I had a phase outline for, and since my original rough outline for this part is now laughably unconnected to anything going on in the story, I had to toss it, and am all-out pantsing it. I know where the part has to end up, but I have no clue whether the scene I'm writing now (a day spent on a semi-intelligent bio-engineered oceangoing vessel) has a place in the final draft. I really need to take a few hours to outline some more, but at the moment there's nowhere to take the hours from without sacrificing word count.

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