Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving Right Along

Enough pitch-fiddling for now. Rest assured, I have been working on other things. I finished the world bible on Friday, but haven't gotten around to printing it and putting it in the purple binder.

Now I've moved on to plot work, which will consume most of this month. The first step is to make a scene grid (not unlike the character grid) that outlines the book as it exists right now. It's taking a lot longer than the character grid, because I have to scroll through the MS and check the word count of each scene, as well as remind myself of what happens, where and when it takes place, and who's in it.

I half-assedly worked on it last night in front of the TV and got half of Act I done, but I think if I focus on it I can get through an Act an hour. We're having a fun early-autumn weekend (apple picking and corn maze yesterday, cave exploring and panning for semi-precious gems today), so my only writing goal for today is to get the rest of Act I into the scene grid. Tomorrow is an after-K day, so I should have no problem finishing the grid then. I'll also print out the world bible and bind it.

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