Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals

It's probably naïve of me to be surprised by this, but what was supposed to be an overnight visit to the computer hospital for Oberon turned into a four-day stay. I did manage to get a little writing done (finished the on-paper exercises, and wrote up quick sketches of all the minor characters for the character bible), but I was hoping to be further along by now and am feeling thwarted. The Son started Kindergarten on Wednesday (all went well), and it was frustrating to feel like I wasn't able to take full advantage of his school hours. And now of course it's a three-day weekend, when I'll have to scrimp for every writing moment. Gah!

My September Goal is to complete the GPRP. I have 48 hours (very loose and wobbly approximation) of work remaining.

My goal for the long weekend is to complete the character bible.

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