Saturday, September 8, 2012

One More Time.

Version Five.

I need to just step away from Query Shark for a while, right?

           Willa Bresher wanted her life to matter. She didn't want the fate of her entire culture resting on her shoulders.

            Her home is Haven, a network of villages clinging to civilization three centuries after a plague devastated Earth's population. Headstrong and restless, Willa is determined to escape the banality of village life by earning an apprenticeship with the arcane guild of mind-linked "Bridgers", who control the flow of goods and information between villages.
            When she encounters an intriguing outsider named Akenam in the ruins of an ancient city, Willa's path begins to veer off course. Space-dwelling humans have returned to resettle the planet, and their intentions toward the aboriginal Terrans are unclear. 

            Willa follows Akenam to a distant island to join five other envoys at a summit meeting to argue over land allocation and trading rights.  She soon finds herself fighting for Haven's survival when a message from her long-dead mother leads her to uncover a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens her people. Aided by Akenam, whose loyalty she doubts, Willa risks everything in order to save her home.

            Trouble is, once she's uncovered the secrets of Haven's past, she's not sure it deserves to be saved.

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