Monday, September 24, 2012

The Next Week

I got through items 1-3 from yesterday's list, but I feel like I toiled all day on it. This stuff is taking me longer than my estimates, and that's left me even more nervous today than I was yesterday. I know it's not the end of the world if it takes me an extra week to finish this pre-revision stuff, but I'm also wary of  getting too cozy in this "thinking and planning and writing about writing" state.

So here I shall post all that remains on the Grand Pre-Revision Plan. And every day I shall update this post with my progress. I think it'll help keep my butt applied to my writing chair.

9/25/12 Update:
9/26/12 Update:
9/27/12 Updated: Not my most productive day. Feeling unfocused and in need of a good night's sleep. Spent an embarrassingly long time watching X-Factor auditions on YouTube.
9/28/12: last update to this post! It's becoming unwieldy. And I'm running out of colors. ;)

1) Do CUT TO's and scene cards for the following characters:

Ruyad-- in progress: CUT TO's done, 8 of 16 cards done 

2) Do CUT TO's only for the following:


3) Do scene cards only for:

Trio-- in progress: 10 of 30 cards DONE

4) Wherever characters share a scene, paperclip cards together. in progress: clipping as I go

[5) Print out plot work and put in binder. I've actually decided not to print most of it out now. I'll be using the various scene lists and CUT TO's and problem/solution chains to make scene sheets, and then printing those out as needed.] Printed out the GMC chart, which turned out to be 12 pages!

5a) List the worldbuilding details that need to be included, and work out where to slip them in. --in progress: about half done

6) Make changes to a copy of the first draft MS. Cut and move scenes, fix chapter breaks, spin new scenes where they belong.

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