Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mid-Month Check In

Words today: 707

Total: 6,823

It's still going well (knock wood!). I like how it's coming together (guys-- it's, like, a book now! Not a great book yet, but a book), and I like that on days when I'm wrestling with a particularly tricky bit and it takes me 45 minutes to write 100 words, I can stop after 250 and feel good that I met my goal.

After a few months of looking at the big picture of the plot and sort of galloping through the book with CUT TO's and scene cards, it feels slightly odd to be crawling through each scene. "Where are we again? Oh right, still in the rain, deciding whether to get on the cart or not. We've been here awhile, huh?" It's enjoyable for now, but I can see it getting on my nerves as the months of revision slog on.

Still getting snatches of dialogue and scenes for Ezra and Lark's book, working-titled Terra Astra.

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