Saturday, December 15, 2012

Voices From the Future

Words today: 429

Total: 6,116

Last night I was hearing voices, chunks of dialogue for a book I probably won't write for another 4-5 years. Mr. Intrusive again, and his lady love, who I'm starting to be able to hear (although I can't see her at all yet).

I'm 85% sure that Mr. I is Ezra Bright, the hero of a YA novel I did some planning for a few years ago. It takes place in the same universe as Eleven Names and The Owl Bearer, but earlier in the timeline-- only a little more than a hundred years into our own future. The story I'd planned was narrated by a 16/17-year-old girl whose scientist parents uproot her from her life to move the family to the first self-sustaining space habitat. In addition to all the other "hardships" of her new life, there is only one other teenager in the habitat: Ezra. And they don't get along at first. I knew there would be threats to the habitat's safety, and that my heroine and Ezra would team up to save the day, and romance would ensue.

I envisioned it being a kind of breezy YA thing, like "ZOMG my parents are making me move to space!  So lame!" But if/when I write this, I think the tone turn out very different, because:

1) Ezra is much more formidable young man than I'd originally thought. I need to make sure the heroine is a match for him.

2) The romance is hot. Um, probably too hot for YA. I may have to make them older to push it into NA (New Adult), but I don't see them being any older than eighteen. But I've been writing the sexual tension dialogue, and Good Lordy.

In news pertaining to the actual novel I am officially working on now: things are going well.

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