Monday, February 27, 2012

Checking In

1,003 words today. Akenam's about to re-enter the story! I'm so psyched.

Man, it took me alllllll day to get those thousand. The Son went back to school today, and then my mother-in-law picked him up and had him all afternoon. I had one tutoring student for an hour, but other than that I had the whole damn day to write, and I just finished now, at 9:30. Well, to be fair, it was more like 1,250 words, since I wound up completely axing two paragraphs from the rough draft. And I haven't been feeling well. I had a migraine from Friday-Sunday; the pain faded away by Sunday night, but I felt really crummy while I was at my evening tutoring gig-- nauseated, jittery, achey, and just generally out of it. I couldn't tell whether it was "silent migraine" symptoms, or side effects from all the Excedrin I took all weekend, or whether I was getting a fever, or what. I'm somewhat better today, but not quite myself. To be honest, I feel like I did during early pregnancy. (Before The Parent reads this and gets too excited, let me hasten to add that I have firm cycle-based evidence that this is impossible.) With my luck in all things reproductive, it's probably menopausal morning sickness or something.


I've also been reworking the emotional toolbox profiles for Willa and Akenam. I had a version from the character work I did last summer, but it felt like it was time to revisit it. My characters tend to drift from my original vision of them as I get to know them better. And it's nice to have plot elements to tie them to. In fact, last night I went back and added some conflict to a previous scene because I realized there was NO WAY IN HELL Willa would be cool with what she just found out, and Tom had some 'splaining to to.

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